The IPIA annual general meeting on 1 December 2022 will see a new president, chairman and vice chairman take over at the top.

The incoming chairman and current vice-chair, Charles Rogers of Portland Media, said he is looking forward to taking up his new role and continuing the good work achieved in developing the association.

Mr Rogers said, ‘The last seven years have seen huge changes with how the IPIA engages with members, sponsors, and our industry. We have worked hard to strengthen IPIA events, and I will endeavour to expand them, as well as encourage the council to create ways of reaching out to new members and sponsors.’

The new vice-chair, Alasdair Browne of Abbot Print, described the IPIA’s new system of subcommittees as providing a drive and focus to the benefit of members:

Mr Browne said, ‘One example I have been involved with is the research subcommittee, which looks to transfer to the print industry ‘intelligence gathering’ methods more usual in other fields – that we can use to educate print buying markets effectively about the power and effectiveness of print.’

Outgoing president Mike Roberts added, ‘On a personal level, it has been outstanding to see the IPIA flourish over my term as president for the benefit of the membership and our industry. There’s been some difficult times as we reinvented ourselves and pushed through periods like the pandemic, but the whole council – and particularly the IPIA Executive headed by general manager Brendan Perring – should be justifiably proud of the support, success and value the IPIA continues to deliver. For me, I’ll be on the back benches with my fellow council members, supporting accordingly.’

The IPIA is returning to the Crowne Plaza, Stratford-Upon-Avon on the same day to host the Recognising Excellence Expo and Awards.

The soon-to-be IPIA president and current chair, Graeme Smith said of the event, ‘It’s where like-minded print professionals regroup at the close of the year and explore future collaborations and discuss best practice and issues. Print is a dynamic industry that changes rapidly, and we all need to be agile, maximise our relevance and capture every opportunity in this increasingly digital world. Print needs to carve through the noise, and all the elements of Recognising Excellence shows print shouting through, loud and proud.’

Lucy Swanston, chair of the IPIA event subcommittee and managing director of Nutshell Creative said, ‘This is where the print industry supply chain comes together to celebrate the best of the best making a difference. I can’t underestimate the value of this face-to-face networking. There’s a real sense of community among members, large and small, all keen to support each other.’