In response to customer feedback, Ricoh has introduced the Pro VC70000e, a version of its top-of-the-range web inkjet press that includes a number of hardware and software features and updates that collectively increase ease of use through automation, while providing greater media and applications flexibility via pre-coating.

Intended to help address the problem created by labour and skills shortages, the VC70000e’s complement includes production automation tools as well as business intelligence capabilities via the Ricoh Pro Scanner Option plus its TotalFlow Advisor and Supervisor software which respectively report and analyse machine and production data.

Ricoh’s Automation Suite combines artificial intelligence and machine earning to simplify operation and provide greater feedback on which business decisions can be based. These applications collect information directly from the user’s workflow to improve accuracy and efficiency in production print, while revealing patterns in data that can inform better working. The continuous feedback should help PSPs build stronger relationships with their clients through more accurate and efficient workflow.

An early user of the Ricoh Pro Scanner Option was German print and mailing specialist Sattler Media Group. Christian Haneke, its Innovation & Solutions Manager, said, ‘The solution enables us to document print standards at any point in the production run for ourselves or our clients and to maintain optimal quality. It also helps to minimise setup times and improve the overall availability of the Ricoh Pro VC70000.’

Both media flexibility and print quality are said to be improved by the introduction of a new ‘undercoating’ unit, which the company says allows a consistent print surface to be achieved on a wide range of media, helping compensate for supply problems with specific papers or brands, and yielding sharper detail for text and line work – helped also by new printhead developments – plus more vibrant colours.

The Pro VC70000e is field upgradeable from existing Pro VC70000 models, which RIcoh says lowers barriers and costs of entry for existing continuous feed operations who want to broaden their application set.

Eef de Ridder, vice president, graphic communications, Ricoh Europe, commented: ‘The Pro VC70000e will help clients to automate their production as well as overcome challenges they are experiencing resulting from paper supply shortages. The original Pro VC70000’s patented dryer technology opened doors to new opportunities around continuous-feed inkjet quality and this new model is the next phase of our continuing evolution to deliver best-in-class inkjet innovation. This unique platform opens doors to new business opportunities by delivering high end luxury applications with next level print quality.’

The Pro VC70000e is available immediately across EMEA.