Screen Graphic Solutions has introduced a new addition to its web-fed inkjet line, the Truepress Jet 560HDX, which adds a number of enhancements to the existing 520 line.

The Truepress Jet 560HDX offers apparently similar basic specifications with 1200 x 1200dpi maximum resolution and a maximum speed of 150m/min, but the web width has been increased to 560mm (22-in), which should support more efficient production of certain finished formats, and it’s understood that the higher speed will be attainable at the highest resolution and with heavier coverage, unlike previous presses.

Part of this is down to a new version of Screen’s inks, SC2. Like the previous SC and SC+ inksets, this newly developed ink allows printing directly onto offset coated papers without any pre-treatment. The new high optical density ink is said to produce high vibrancy colours that offer have ‘deep saturated hues’, along with ‘dense and neutral blacks for clearer printing of fine text and line work’.

The ink is complemented by a new drying system that Screen says allows substrates carrying high ink densities to be dried efficiently, supporting superior quality and wide-gamut printing on a wide range of papers.

The Truepress Jet 560HDX is also equipped with a new ‘fast start’ operating system that inherits and further improves on the Truepress series’ technologies. Screen did not provide much detail, but says the system ensures ‘flawless integration of all internal hardware and software as well as with both pre- and post-print ‘finishing equipment.

The new system will be displayed at Screen’s Inkjet Innovation Centres in the US and in Europe. It will make its public debut at drupa 2024.