Producciones Digitales Pulmen, a Spanish digital print company that specialises in printing and binding books, has installed a Screen Truepress 520HD+, the second such machine it has installed in the last two years.

The company, based in Madrid, purchased its first Truepress in June 2019, replacing seven smaller toner presses in one fell swoop. Now that its twin is up and running as well, Pulmen can produce more than 2.5m books per year.

CEO Fernando García Rodriguez explained, ‘When we put our first Truepress into operation in 2019, we immediately reached great results, which made us quickly consider to purchase another one. With the addition of the two Truepress printers we have not only increased our turnover by more than 60%, but we have also achieved qualitative growth with more capacity to give our customers the best service even in peak season.

‘The market is moving towards shorter book runs. Small and medium runs, up to 2000 copies, are becoming the norm. This is where inkjet technology comes in, which gives a wider range of possibilities. We opted for Truepress again because it gives us the quality of traditional printing with the speed and flexibility of digital technology. The Truepress 520HD+ offers a maximum resolution of 1200dpi, and a drop size of 2 picolitres. Moreover, with digital printing, there is no difference in quality between a long and a short print run and there is no need for manual intervention to check the quality.’

Both Truepress printing lines allow for production at up to 150m/min, further reducing Pulmen’s delivery time, as Mr García Rodriguez explained. ‘This goes hand in hand with the automation of the rest of the process, from the entry of the purchase order to the delivery of the product, which gives us great versatility and allows us to offer a quick and personalised response to our clients. With the speed of the Truepress 520 HD+, we can put virtual stock into practice and reduce the risk of unnecessary printing.’

Having proven itself in the Spanish digital publishing market, Pulmen is now looking further afield and actively looking for opportunities in other European countries. Mr García Rodriguez concluded, ‘We believe that with these machines and other new investments we made we will be able to double our turnover. We’ll continue being a specialist in textbooks, while also growing in literature and the packaging market.’