Producciones Digitales Pulmen, a Spanish digital print company that specialises in book production, has praised its Screen Truepress 520HD+ for boosting its production capability and total sales. 

The Truepress 520HD+, which replaced seven smaller toner presses, can produce almost 2,000,000 books per year which has meant the company experienced continued growth despite the pandemic. Pulmen, based in Madrid, says that the installation ‘transformed’ its competitiveness, halving its delivery times and delivering ‘market-leading’ print quality. 

‘The 520HD+ has exceeded our expectations,’ said CEO Fernando García Rodriguez who runs the business together with co-founders CFO María Ángeles García and head of HR María Ángeles Soria García. ‘In our market analysis we estimated that the Truepress would increase our sales by 10 – 20% annually. But our growth is now between 20 and 30%.

‘Covid has hardly affected demand for full-colour educational textbooks. For that market, the Truepress 520HD+ is competitive up to a print run of currently 2500 copies. That is more than enough, since the average print run of a school book is around 1500.’

The 520HD+, which prints at a resolution of 1200dpi, allows for production speeds of up to 150m/min, and all steps in the production process, from prepress to binding to packaging of the printed books, can now be completed in under a week. 

‘Whether our customers order only two or a thousand of these ‘promotionals’, they still expect a delivery time of three days. With the speed of the Truepress 520 HD+, we are putting virtual stock into practice and reduce the risk of unnecessary printing,’ added Mr García Rodriguez.