Paragon Customer Communications (PCC) has installed a pair of Riso Valezus T2100 cut-sheet inkjet presses to support reliable and cost-efficient printing of regulated communications at its Dublin facility.

PCC’s Dublin site has 100 staff and produces secure and legally-compliant confidential communications that include bank statements, insurance documents and utility bills, under tight service level agreements (SLAs) for government, local business and global brands. Its existing Riso printers were coming to the end of their working life, so PCC looked at Riso’s current offering and chose two of the twin-engined Valezus T2100 sheet-fed inkjet presses as replacements.

The new presses are producing around 2.5 million images a month – equivalent to 110,000 a day – and because of improved ease of use, one operator can manage both, enhancing production capacity and speeding work into the fulfilment or machine enclosing stages.

Enda Casey, managing director at Paragon Customer Communications Ireland, said, ‘We are under tight service level agreements and a lot of confidentiality is involved. We also deal with a lot of big brands and organisations with a reputation at risk if we don’t deliver.

‘[The] Risos provide quality that is perfectly sufficient for business-type communications, and we get the productivity and the running costs benefits around that too.

‘The small footprint of the device is remarkable, given the speed and productivity. We truly value the fact that the RISOs are reliable, with good uptime. We know they’re reliable and when you have very tight SLAs, this is critical,’ he added.

The Riso AlphaStream Pro DFEs developed for the ComColor GD and Valezus press ranges are able to handle a variety of data formats, including IPDS and AFP as well as PostScript and PDF, which suits the twin data streams at PCC Ireland. The printers also offer a sustainability advantage in that their inks are made from rice bran oil and there is little or no paper wastage in use.