Canadian spectrophotometer manufacturer Nix Sensor has integrated its Spectro 2 unit with new software for iOS, DeltaEZ, allowing colour measurements to be made anywhere that both the measurement device and an iPhone or iPad can be used.

The £949 spectrophotometer offers 31-channel spectral measurement in 10nm wavelength bands for detailed colour measurement of print or objects for colour matching and quality control applications. Aimed at colour consultants, print technicians and graphic designers, the Spectro 2 is also compatible with a range of design and colour management software including Color Casters, MeasureColor, Spot On Color and CADlink.

The new DeltaEZ software is available free of charge from Apple’s AppStore and because it runs on Apple phones or tablets, enables on-the-spot colour measurement and analysis to be conducted on the production floor, in the design studio or at clients’ premises. Colour libraries can be created, edited and shared among multiple users of the app.

The Spectro 2 may be ordered directly from Nix Sensor’s website and will be shipped directly to most European countries, Canada and the US.