Canon has launched a new Sensing Unit for its ImagePress C910 Series of toner presses, automating registration and colour calibration.

Introduced in response to ‘growing market demand for enhanced press automation’, this option, which is already available for the flagship ImagePress C10010VP, will help users achieve consistent quality output in less time and without manual operator intervention.

Removing the need for manual calibration, the Sensing Unit incorporates two sensors – a contact image sensor and a spectroscopic sensor. These monitor the front-to-back registration and colour of each image before and during printing, adjusting automatically to match the job settings, irrespective of the operator’s skills. The real-time adjustment based on measuring the printed media complements the automated colour calibration offered by the built-in Multi Density Adjustment Technology, which makes on-the-fly adjustments to match a patch printed on the image transfer belt.

The new Sensing Unit for the ImagePress C910 is available from Canon and accredited partners immediately.