CMYUK has partnered with blowUP Media to provide PVC-free Kavalan banner material for the latest awareness campaign from charity Justdiggit.  

Justdiggit focuses on combating global warming and ‘greening’ Africa. CMYUK provided it with a 3.2 x 25m roll of PVC-free Sunlight Weldable Kavalan for a large static banner space in the Spitalfields Market in London.

Meanwhile blowUP Media has an ongoing partnership with the charity that began in the Netherlands in 2016 and has since been extended across the UK, Germany and Belgium. BlowUP helps to create awareness for Justdiggit by offering digital media space across each of the countries.

The project itself was printed free of charge by Hungerford-based digital PSP Vertical Vision. Simon Russell, managing director of blowUP Media, expanded, ‘With the environment and sustainability being a focus point for blowUP, we have been getting regular updates from our print partners on the progress of PVC free material. We were made aware of this PVC free material and decided to trial Kavalan, as it seemed the perfect option for us to test. We hope that once testing is complete, we will be able to offer this alternative more widely to brands.’

Damien Clarke, sales director at CMYUK, added, ‘CMYUK is really delighted to have worked with blowUP Media and Justdiggit to help realise this campaign. The environmental message is loud and clear, and there is no time to waste. We all have a part to play in safeguarding our planet, and we are delighted that Kavalan, part of the CMYUK eco responsible materials collection has played a part in this urgent narrative.’

Several big names from across digital print have recently switched from traditional PVC banner material to PVC-free Kavalan, citing its sustainability benefits. These include Artwork Systems, Hollywood Monster, Imageco and Super-wide Digital.