Azymut, a Polish printing house that specialises in the production of academic, medical and technical books, has broken into the German and Austrian book printing markets thanks to the installation of a Screen Truepress Jet 520HD+.

‘The Truepress Jet 520HD+ meets the high standards customers in Germany and Austria expect,’ said Maciej Szymanski, director digital printing at Azymut. ‘Our older generation toner printers could not provide this level of quality. Digital printing and the lower costs of inkjet technology are really fuelling our business growth.’

In addition to its high print quality Mr Szymanski also praised the 520HD+ for its advanced drying process, allowing to print at high speeds, and its ability to print on a wide variety of paper, including standard offset paper. ‘As a direct result, we’ve increased our production volumes, while retaining all the advantages of digital printing and opportunities for personalisation,’ he explained. ‘This machine allows us to compete with offset printing houses. It makes digital printing viable for both medium and large print runs.’

Pawel Szpil, product manager at Reprograf-Grafikus, Screen’s distributor and service provider in Poland, added that the market for digital printing is growing fast in the country.  ‘Digital printing is extremely useful for these smaller print jobs, given its short prepress times and excellent print quality,’ Mr Szpil said. ‘This is why we see strong and continued growth of digital printing in Poland.’