The BPIF is calling on people to attend its next Members’ Day. Set to take place virtually on 7 July, the event will include talks from senior figures in the industry, the organisation’s annual review, a networking session and an update on the political landscape.

The day will being with a welcome from CEO Charles Jarrold, before keynote speaker Kevin Hard takes the stage. Mr Hard, a director at Inspiration-all, will run a session called ‘From managing to leading,’ which will explore the impact of leadership on engagement, business performance, wellbeing and risk worldwide, including engagements in Basel, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Hamburg and the Middle East.

The keynote will be followed by the BPIF’s annual review before, after a networking lunch, BullWall’s executive vice president Morten Gammelgaard will run a cyber session about ransomware. Mr Gammelgaard will outline the tools available to calculate potential financial impact and important considerations that organisations should have when it comes to ransomware. He will also highlight some of the approaches that different organisations are taking to protect themselves.

Before a second round of networking brings the curtain down on the day, Alan Dick, a policy adviser from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy, will share all the latest news that may impact the print industry. Mr Dick has indicated he is keen to hear from attendees about what the Government can do better to support the industry and he will be taking questions which can be supplied in advance.