Intec has launched a compact and mobile automated ‘digital die-cutter’ and creaser, the SC5000, that it says it suitable for handling lightweight card for greetings, swing tickets, small scale packaging, PoS and kiss-cutting for sheet labels.

The new cutter-creaser borrows technology developed for the company’s larger flatbed cutters and has two tool holders, allowing cutting and creasing in the same operation, on media up to 350micron thick and up to SRA3 in size. The units occupies only one square metre of floor space and has retractable media trays and wheels so that it can easily be moved around the production floor and stored when not needed.

A sophisticated input system that uses four media separation techniques is said to provide ‘faultless’ media feeding. This is coupled with a CCD-based registration sensor that allows compensation for scale, skew or rotation errors and which can also scan each sheet for QR codes to retrieve cutting files. This enables mixed batches of work to be loaded and left to run unattended; the feeder may be topped-up while the cutter is operating. The SC5000 is supplied with ColorCut Pro software which includes plus-in for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, to enable cutting and creasing paths to be defined from within these programs.

‘Today’s commercial printers have been limited with a choice when considering a cutter for their business.  Until now, it has been limited to devices based around basic vinyl cutters that are suitable for labels but not really card, or larger flatbed tables that can cut card but lack any real automation unless they invest in the new breed of larger automated flatbed . However, the Intec SC5000 is set to change all that by introducing a cross-over product,’ said Intec’s Mark Baker-Homes.

‘The Intec SC5000 has been over two years in design and development and seeks to blend the advantages of all three devices into one simple, automated, small footprint device aimed at the small commercial printer.’

The Intec SC5000 is priced at £4999 and is available immediately.