Intec has introduced the FB1180-T, a B1+ tangential digital die-cutter that the Plockmatic subsidiary says is ‘precise enough for kiss-cut labels yet powerful enough for fluted boards, and a diverse range of media in-between.’

The flatbed cutter has a four-tool head that includes two passive contour/drag cut-and-crease tools and two active tangential tools with a new deep-cutting tangential blade and tangential crease wheel. It can cut and crease materials up to 3mm thick, suiting it for on-demand prototype pieces and light production runs.

The FB1180-T offers two working modes: direct – using Intec’s ColorCut Pro software running direct from a PC, or held (standalone operation) mode, in which jobs can be stored internally on the cutter or loaded from a USB stick, allowing the machine to be located anywhere in a production environment and run from its 7-in touchscreen.

While all Intec cutters offer automated job processing via reading a QR code and page marks printed on the sheet to be handled, the FB1180-T adds page edge detection. Page This enables processing of printed jobs from the rear of the sheet, producing accurate cutting and creasing ‘every time’.

Terri Winstanley, Intec marketing manager, said, ‘The FB1180-T is a very exciting leap forward for our digital cutter range. This model is the first of a series of cutters to offer a new four-tool head that includes tangential tools, for deeper cutting and creasing of thicker substrates. It also hosts the new high-powered controller and expanded graphics interface that will be seen on all our digital die-cutters.’