Antalis’ Future Focus initiative, which combines the company’s sustainability aims with thanking its customers, has seen 5100 trees planted and 72 tonnes of paper carbon balanced since September 2020.

Working in partnership with their customers, Antalis launched Future Focus to reward customers and support their businesses and environmental goals. The initiative allocated customers with points on all Antalis purchases, and additional points were achieved by carbon offsetting materials.

Antalis has confirmed that as a result of the initiative, winners have chosen to plant over 5100 UK trees and over £15,000 has been donated to various charities. In addition, 226 boxes of recycled paper have been delivered to customers and over 72 tonnes of paper carbon balanced via Antalis’ partnership with the World Land Trust, as part of Antalis’ carbon balancing scheme.

‘The Future Focus initiative rewarded our customers as valued partners of Antalis,’ said commercial director Bruce Munro. ‘We are very proud to have been able to work alongside our customers in creating and protecting forests, as well as supporting all their deserving charities with their generous donations. We look forward to innovating, collaborating and further working in partnership with our clients to continue to achieve a successful and sustainable future together.’