Imacx, a leading Lisbon print company, has praised the quality, reliability and quick turnaround times of its Onset X1 press after it became the first Portuguese company to invest in the wide-format machine last year.

The company, which specialises in producing wide-format, point-of-sale retail signage and displays, was looking for equipment that could produce high quality, short-run work and turned to Fujifilm and the Onset X1 to meet increasing customer demand. 

‘When you look at print nowadays, quality is paramount,’ said CEO Raphael Giovanella. ‘With so much competition on the market, customers are demanding high quality print that can be produced in a short period of time. As a company, we look to go above and beyond every day to ensure we are meeting the demands of our customers and the addition of the Onset X1 is helping us to do just that. It has enabled us to efficiently turn around large campaigns for our customers, much faster than ever before.’

The company already had an existing relationship with Fujifilm and Inca Digital prior to the Onset X1 investment, as Mr Giovanella explained. ‘We owned an Onset S20 for a number of years and it was a very good and dependable machine, so the decision to invest in an Onset X1 was logical for us. When we first became aware of it, it wasn’t just the quality of print produced that stood out – the competitive price point was an added bonus, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invest. Since upgrading to the Onset X1, the quality we have been able to achieve and the productivity of our business has increased significantly.

‘The Onset X1’s environmental credentials also appealed to us when making the decision to invest. Producing sustainable solutions is currently a key concern for our customers, as well as for our own business.’

Filipe Marques, Fujifilm graphic systems manager and country manager for Portugal added, ‘We are pleased to see how Imacx have handled a difficult year and how the Onset X1 has helped them through this period – their adaptation to the circumstances is commendable. Their business is going from strength to strength and we’re delighted to see the Onset X1 proving to be an essential part of their operations.’