Building on the branding of their fleet of engineer vehiclesInkTec has splashed the Jetrix brand right across a lorry which is to be exclusively dedicated to transporting new printers for installations around the country. 

The lorry is part of the Chris Hayter’s fleet, a family owned distribution company based in Witney. As the vehicle will be seen all over Britain, InkTec Europe is launching a spot the lorry initiative, encouraging people to share images of the lorry on social media with the the hashtag #JETRIXJourneys. 

‘The idea of working in collaboration with Chris Hayter originally came about because of two reasons,’ said Joey Kim, managing director of InkTec Europe. ‘The first was that we always use them for transporting our printers to new installations. The second because they are based just next door, so we frequently see their lorries and also recognise the volume of deliveries they make.  

‘This is a natural extension of having the engineer vehicles branded earlier in the year. Both are a great opportunity to raise awareness of the JETRIX and InkTec Europe brands, particularly as we are constantly completing printer installations all over the country. It also hopefully adds an extra special dynamic to every delivery.’