Spanish textile workflow developer Inèdit has released NeoStampa Delta, a new version of its Rip software, bringing full PDF/X support, comprehensive colour management and direct-to-garment (DtG) capabilities to a wide range of supported dye sublimation and related textile printer types, enabling new applications in sports clothing, film and ceramics printing.

Based on Global Graphics’ Mako technology, NeoStampa Delta is designed to bring accurate colour across many makes and types of textile printers and inks, from roll-fed dye sublimation devices to DtG units. Combining Inèdit’s 27 years of experience in textile printing via both digital and analogue technologies with Global Graphics’ PDF and ICC-based colour management knowledge, the former says that NeoStampa Delta will enable designers to work in the application software of their choice, using RGB colour spaces or directly within the output colour space of a particular printer. Rip performance is said to be improved by a factor of up to five in this new version.

Rapid calibration of output devices is a key attribute of the software, with the company claiming that a DtG printer can be calibrated in half an hour in a two-stage process. Support for spot colours within a PDF workflow allows the most accurate rendition of spot colours within the limits of the printer, fabric and ink combination, or for spot channels to be used in conjunction with printer-specific features such as fluorescent or other non standard inks.

Savings of up to 50% on white ink usage in DtG applications are also claimed, based on analysis of how much is needed under non-solid colours, and depending on the colour of the underlying fabric. The Rip software also supports a ‘cost control’ dashboard which can be configured to track machine activity, consumables and related costs.

Inèdit says that its Rip software is compatible with over 700 digital printers, including most major textile print brands, with more being added continually. The new release is expected to be commercially available ‘soon’ and is distributed in the UK and Ireland by i2 Europe.