Revolutions Signs has heralded CMYUK for its support during lockdown. The Braintree-based signage, interiors, marketing suites, and exhibitions specialist has relied on CMYUK for ‘large volumes’ of floor graphics materials throughout the past three months.

The company is used to working with floor graphics due to the popularity of the application with its marketing suite clients. However they were always a bespoke branding exercise rather than a mainstream one. 

Production was made easier however, not just by the materials supplied by CMYUK, but by a Canon Colorado 1650 printer which Revolution paid for using government tax credits secured during the lockdown period.

‘I think I’ve printed more floor graphics in the last eight weeks than I have in the last 15 years,’ said managing director Ryan Fairweather, who estimates an output of thousands of square metres and counting. ‘I’m not someone that likes to sacrifice quality for the sake of a pound note, I like how CMYUK operates, its price point is right and I like to collaborate with people that I like.

 ‘CMUYUK has always been very honest. If it doesn’t have stock or they cannot help, they will tell you, there are no games. It says the way it is and it does what it says. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.’

CMYUK has provided the company with a constant supply of floor graphics materials from its Safer Spaces collection. UTACK Hexofloor Vinyl is a self–adhesive vinyl with a clear removable adhesive. It has an R10 anti-slip rating and is ideal for fast and effective floor graphics and branding for up to six months interior use. It doesn’t require any lamination and can be applied to any smooth surfaces and board. 

UTACK Multi Surface Floor Vinyl is a firm favourite with Revolution Signs’ clients as it can be used on pile carpets, wood, tile, and concrete surfaces both indoors and out. Both anti-slip and fire-rated, it has an outdoor sidewalk life of three months and the same for indoors. Indoor wall graphics have a thirty-six months lifespan, while outdoor wall graphics last up to a year. 

Revolution Signs had seemingly established the foundations for a strong 2020, before the pandemic hit. ‘We had all our ducks in a row,’ Mr Fairweather explained. ‘However as the pandemic took hold clients stopped spending, and everything pretty much stopped overnight.’

‘We’ve invested into the company at a time when a lot of people weren’t doing that and that opened up a few avenues for us that weren’t there previously,’ the managing director continued. ‘These included work for the NHS and large volumes of floor graphics. I think we just got there a week or two before everybody else and this allowed us to tap into that work.’