Stag Print Services has installed a KAS K640 hand-fed bookletmaker with a squarefold in-line unit through Ashgate.

The family-run company, based in Guildford, purchased the bookletmaker as it looks to meet an increasing demand for short-run sheet-fed books.

‘We have had a small digital machine with an in-line saddle stitcher since 2016 but short run books have not been a big part of our business,’ explained managing director Sushil Patel. ‘However, our latest marketing drive saw a change with a bigger demand for short run digital work, including books up to 1000 copies.’

As a result the company invested in a Konica Minolta Accurio C6085, greatly increasing its digital capabilities and opening up the need for enhanced finishing capabilities. 

‘We took some of our more complex jobs to test at Ashgate’s showroom,’ Mr Patel continued. ‘We wanted a machine that was straightforward to operate and highly reliable. Whilst it is less automated than other booklet makers on the market it allows our operators to easily make minor adjustments for more complex jobs. It also goes without saying that as it has fewer moving parts, there is less likelihood of a breakdown.’

The KAS K640, which can handle sizes from A6 portrait up to 320 x 320mm, will be used to finish work produced in run lengths ranging from 10 to 1000 books on a mix of stock including coated, uncoated, 80 to 400gsm weight and pre-creased covers.

‘The investment has been complementary to our investment in digital print equipment,’ Mr Patel finished. ‘For quantities of between 500-1000 we can now produce the books digitally, which has helped free up much needed capacity on our litho press. It is also much more efficient to produce short runs on our digital press. So it is win-win all round.’