Korean wide-format printer manufacturer InkTec used Sign & Digital to make the first UK public showing of its two roll-fed Jetrix printers launched in 2018, plus the fifth generation of its established flatbed range.

The Jetrix LXiR190 is a LED UV-curing printer that offers CMYK plus white inks and supports the 1.9m width format popular in textile production. It uses a push-feed back drive system to avoiding stretching the substrate and the accompanying control software allows for printing of up to eight layers, to suit double-sided or day/night applications. Available in the UK since October 2018, it offers throughput from 18 to 45sqm/hr depending on resolution.

Launched over late summer/early autumn 2018, the larger 3.2m Jetrix LXiR320 offers similar drive and imaging technology, including a built-in vacuum bed and anti-static treatment for stable media transport,  plus an air-driven loading bar for heavy or non-grippy media. It features 2.5l ink refills that can be changed on the fly and supports double CMYK or CMYK plus light magenta, light cyan and white inks in a variety of configurations. It offers productivity up to 90sqm/hr and resolutions up to 20160dpi via Konica Minolta printheads. As with other Jetrix machines, both roll-fed units are supplied with InkTec’s own optimised inks.

The LXi6 flatbed was also featured. Aimed at the ‘8×4’ board market, it has a 2.5 x 1.3m bed and can handle media up to 100mm thick including breeze blocks, doors and glass which, depending on type, can be printed without additional priming as a priming component is included in the InkTec UV-curable ink. Both the LXi6 and the larger LXi7 (2.5 x 3.0m) have zoned vacuum systems under touchscreen control and offers up to 76 and 78sqm/hr respectively. Multi-pass ink build-up can be used to create ‘3D’ textured effects and the flatbeds are also suitable for production of lenticular items.