Screen Europe has shipped its 100th Truepress Jet520HD series inkjet web press. Launched in 2017, the high-speed inkjet is compatible with the more recently introduced Screen SC inks that the company says allows the same quality to be produced on standard untreated papers as on dedicated inkjet stocks.

‘The inks are proving to be a significant factor in potential customers investing in the Truepress Jet520HD series and have certainly accelerated the number of installations,’ said Bui Burke, senior vice president of sales at Screen Europe. ‘SC inks provide Screen customers with unrivalled access to exceptional quality outcomes whilst being an economic, low-cost solution for faster print turnarounds. To have shipped 100 units of the Truepress Jet520HD series worldwide is a huge achievement, and that number will continue to rise!’

The companies who have invested in the series include UK-based Bluetree and PrintOnDemand-Worldwide, German printers Hubert&Co and Kohlhammer and France’s  TagG Informatique.

‘There is no equivalent technology to the Screen Jet520HD press that is operational and readily available in the market,’ commented Hervé Lesseur, founder of TagG Informatique.

‘It was the inks that really convinced us,’ added Hubert & Co technical director, Jutta Reimann. ‘Delivering that level of quality on coated paper with no pre-treatment, without altering the appearance or the feel of the paper is a significant advantage.’