Three new digital ceramic tile printers that use Xaar’s latest 1001 GS12 print heads have been announced at the Tecnargilla show in Italy this week. Intesa-Sacmi, KERAjet, Projecta SiTi B&T, and TecnoFerrari have all launched products using the latest heads, which are said to offer quality and production benefits over the 1001 GS6 heads that were previously used for ceramics work.

The 1001 GS6 jets dynamically-variable 6 to 42 picolitre drops, which helps with printing pale shades and fine detail. The new 1001 GS12 head delivers larger 12 to 84 picolitre ink drops to provide double the colour intensity for bolder tile effects. Alternatively, users can opt for twice the line speed to increase throughput.

The Xaar 1001 head uses the company’s TF (Though Flow) technology with ink recirculation that’s said to be virtually unblockable.

The new Intesa-Sacmi COLORA HD2 is a second generation high definition printer. It has new ink supply and recycling systems, more effective cleaning processes and new machine control and management software. Users can choose a six-colour printer model ranging from 697 to 1675 mm print widths, running at up to 48 metres per minute.

The modular KERAjet K700 and K1400 systems can be fitted with up to 12 colour bars. In addition to the 1001 GS12 head, new features include an integrated ink circulation system, automatic self-cleaning and optimised ink use.

Projecta SiTi B&T uses the GS12 heads in its new EVOTHREE Plus to deliver more speed and more intensity, from three to seven colours. These printers are also available for large size tiles up to 1.33 metres print width.

The single-pass TecnoFerrari VivaJet is available with a choice of up to eight colour bars in three models, running at up to 70 metres per minute. Users can choose either the GS6 or GS12 variant of the 1001 printhead.

Two other major tile printer manufacturers, Hope and Meijia (not exhibiting at Tecnargilla), will also be giving their customers the choice of either the 1001 GS6 or GS12 in their printers, depending upon their decoration and production requirements.