Combining immersive augmented reality environments with exquisite digitally printed imagery, experiential artist, Doddz showed printed canvases, floor graphics and 3D artwork in a private viewing held in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The ‘A Different Perspective’ exhibition was Doddz’ biggest solo show to date, and delivered a captivating evening enjoyed by over 200 guests.

‘A Different Perspective was all about offering the opportunity to experience the future of storytelling and provided a rare glimpse into my life and emotions,’ described Doddz. ‘Presenting my work on some seriously creative substrates delivered an all-encompassing experience and it was so powerful to see people participating and engaging with them throughout the event.’

Doddz used a range of floor graphics, wallpaper and canvas, printed with Mimaki’s recently launched UJV100-160Plus LED UV printer. These created a series of scenes that when viewed through a mobile phone, came to life as AR experiences, as well as an animated film and video game.

A particular highlight of the exhibition proved to be a full colour 3D printed piano, that came to life with a virtual performance by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. ‘I constructed the digital artwork for this piece in Blender, before Hybrid printed the file on the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full colour 3D printer,’ recalls Doddz. ‘It was one of the most exciting pieces of art – a real gamechanger as the centrepiece for the show.’

Preparation for “A Different Perspective” took months of effort, with Doddz and his team working alongside the applications specialists at both Soyang Europe and Hybrid Services. ‘We used a host of Mimaki’s latest technology to produce the artwork for the exhibition, from the flatbed UJF-3042MkII e that printed the plaques that incorporate the QR codes, to the TxF300-75 DTF printer that we created the t-shirt graphics with,’ recalls Hybrid’s application specialist, Ashley Carr.

Reflecting on the exhibition, and the powerful emotions that AR can have on people, Doddz said, “During each show that I’ve put on, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the awe on the faces of those discovering augmented reality for the first time. Their reactions when static art bursts into life are the moments I cherish most. Witnessing the initial encounter that people have with the magic of AR art fills me with immense pride and confirms that the more people become aware of its existence, the more they’ll fall in love with it.”

Commenting on Hybrid’s support of the project, the company’s head of marketing and business development, Duncan Jefferies said, ‘When Doddz’ team approached us earlier in the year, we realised very quickly what a unique opportunity it was to work with such a talented and visionary artist. Pairing cutting edge print and material technology with the wonderful creativity that Doddz incorporates into every piece made it a very special collaboration to be involved with.’

Doddz shares digital art tutorials along with insights into his life and creativity on his social media accounts and website. His followers frequently engage in their keenness to see more of how he pushes the AR boundaries, and combines it with the power of print. ‘I purposely seek new challenges to learn from and grow. Every piece of my art tells its own story,’ he remarked.