HP Indigo and Fiverr International, has recently announced a collaboration that makes digital print more accessible to Fiverr’s millions of users. Payment service providers who are part of HP Indigo’s global user community can now offer their services on Fiverr’s new ‘solution marketplace’, allowing Fiverr’s global network of freelancers and designers to extend their services to a full solution that includes printing. 

‘As a market leader, recognised by brands for setting the standard in digital print, and with an install base of over 7,500 presses globally, we commit to continuously driving the digital transformation and supporting our customers to expand the demand for digital print services. This collaboration represents the innovation of our printing network through our cutting-edge solutions as well as the creation of new business models and industries for digital print’, commented Noam Zilbershtain, VP and general manager, HP Indigo.

‘This collaboration offers Fiverr’s freelance talent and businesses a seamless, end-to-end experience that spans from initial design concepts to the final printed product. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that all aspects of the design and print process are covered, from A to Z’, said Gali Arnon, chief business officer at Fiverr. 

Under the umbrella of HP Indigo, every Fiverr user can now find the printing collaborators they need for their business. With the world’s largest digital print user base, HP Indigo plans to expand this collaboration by incorporating more print services and applications through its extensive print network. The global reach of HP Indigo users complements Fiverr’s worldwide presence. Fiverr, with its hundreds of thousands of freelancers offering a wide array of services, can now extend these to include printing solutions. This marks the start of a collaboration between HP and Fiverr, beginning with select HP Indigo PSPs featured on Fiverr’s new solution marketplace. This will serve millions of users, focusing on Fiverr’s designers’ community.