The BPIF has launched a new software tool to enable print businesses to monitor, track and update their compliance with relevant safety regulations, laws or industry standards.

The Compliance Planner tool is intended to take the stress out of keeping up-to-date with checks and assessments by alerting those responsible with reminders. Each chosen service type will provide an email trigger allowing time to take action, providing supporting information and materials to guide the recipient through the process.

The BPIF noted that managing compliance can be challenging, time consuming and involves risk of overlooking key triggers, leaving printers vulnerable to serious incidents, injury to staff and potential prosecution.

Mandy Robson, BPIF head of professional services, said, ‘In my time working as a health and safety practitioner, all too often I’ve seen companies fail to keep up-to-date with their essential inspections. This places the company at risk of machinery faults and equipment failure which creates an unsafe environment for workers and may result in workplace injury. The Safety Compliance Planner is an essential tool providing key reminders to take action, allowing the company to eliminate risks and providing confidence that the workforce can operate in a safe environment.’