Cardiff-based 3 Sixty has bought a Durst P5 350HS 3.5m hybrid printer to increase internal efficiency and production capacity by more than 30%. The new machine replaces an older Durst model and will complement an existing Rhotex 325 dye sublimation textile/transfer printer.

3 Sixty serves the retail, visual merchandising, exhibition, event and commercial interiors sectors. Managing director Richard Inkin said, ‘The P5 350 HS gives us huge versatility due to the hybrid capabilities as well as the high speed and quality levels it can achieve. Its handling of some of the more unique materials we use was also a big tick in the box.

‘The incredible performance levels mean we can now work more efficiently throughout the business, as print is only one element of many in getting a job out of the door. Having more time now to cut, collate and pack the jobs has given us more flexibility in the way we work. The P5 speed levels mean that we will not need to run anywhere near the high speeds it can achieve and still increase our capacity by more than 30% without the extra costs that we would think we would have incurred. Print is about manufacturing a high quality product from start to finish, not just how quickly you can print it.

‘The flexibility of the machine allows us now to go after more business across all sectors we work in – retail, events and the exhibitions sectors to name a few. We know that our clients will see the benefits of our investments which have only been possible with their support of both our customers and our suppliers. Durst was brilliant, along with Compass Business Finance, in putting the deal in place and therefore helping us to focus and drive forward. 2024 has exciting opportunities for everyone but also if we are all honest, a degree of uncertainty, so investment in the right type of equipment is key. We are sure we have made the right decision.’

Mr Inkin also explained that the business aims to make ‘significant’ investments ever two or three years, in order to have up-to-date technology and to maximise environmental performance with regards to inks, material developments and reducing power consumption.

‘Having looked at the offerings available through partners we already have and other manufacturers, we decided to go with Durst because of the technology in the machine and we were confident in continuing a strong and long-term relationship,’ he concluded.