Neos has relocated to a new headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, Italy, which it expects will ‘quadruple production capacity’ for the company and help double turnover from the present €15 million by 2026.

The company develops inkjet printing solutions for applications in the furniture industry and in packaging. These include large-format decoration and wallpaper printing, printing on plastic film for surface protection, dedicated lines for printing folding cardboard, melamine-coated panels and metal packaging.

It has collaborated with InkGenio on specialised and standards-compliant inks for food packaging and furniture. This has included developing special colours and inks with tactile and reflective effects, along with a wide selection of primers developed for various substrates.

The new 12,000 sqm facility, powered by a solar panel park, is attested to not only significantly increase production capacity but also integrate the machine hardware division with InkGenio’s expertise. A separate area has been dedicated to the food segment to avoid possible contamination and comply with GMP regulations governing the food packaging market.

Vincenzo Palumbo, founder of Neos commented, ‘Neos’s vision has always been oriented towards combining expertise and technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions in digital printing.

‘With the new headquarters and on-site integration of InkGenio, we create an innovation hub where the design of printing machines synergistically merges with custom ink design.

‘This way, we can provide even more immediate and precise responses to our customers, meeting all their demands with shared and increasingly advanced expertise.’

With the new headquarters, Neos look to stand out internationally with its ‘made in Italy’ products and flexibility of its technologies. The goal is to maximise the advantages of digital technology, contributing to environmental impact reduction through optimised energy consumption and decreased material waste which the new headquarters facilitate.