Maidenhead-based event production company Bulldog Display has invested in a Gibson GT-H3200R6 UV Hybrid Printer, supplied by Repro Sales and Repairs, as the company decided its print output needed to be at scale and as versatile as possible.

Bulldog Display owner Brian Prosser stated, ‘People pay silly money for this kind of machine when they don’t need to.

‘It uses the latest generation Ricoh Gen6 Print Heads, which is the key component, and the engineering is equal to anything else on the market – there was no contest!

‘Plus, this is the third machine we have bought from RSR, they have always looked after us and been a great company to deal with.’

Print Finisher Tyler Hill said, ‘This is a machine which will do pretty much everything for us.

‘Typically, this means adhesive rolls such as greyback or high tack, plus all kinds of boards up to around 80mm thick, with the option of running acrylics, glass, even wood.’

The new Gibson machine replaced a roll-fed Refretonic 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer. The addition of a flatbed production capability was a key reason for the investment, but not the most significant as Mr Hill stated, ‘Running UV inks has been a revelation.

‘Previously we would print and then laminate, but now we have cut the lamination stage out altogether, which saves a great deal of time and expense.

‘It’s not just reduced print and drying time, there’s a better-quality matt finish to our work, plus it’s more durable and scratch resistant.’

During busy periods, the new Gibson Hybrid can produce up to 24 sqm/hr as Mr Hill explained, ‘The vacuum bed keeps everything precisely flat and rolls continuously like a treadmill.

‘There are lots of details I like, it’s self-lubricating, unlike our old machine, and it comes with an Onyx Rip which offers a lot of control.

‘There are lots of clever design features to make my job easier.’