KAS Paper Systems has unveiled its CardMailer, for matching and attaching plastic cards to letters or other documents. The unit features a flexible and modular design with optional inline envelope inserting, carrier printing, camera matching, envelope weighing and addressing capabilities.

The card carrier can either be pre-printed or printed inline. When pre-printed, it is fed as the primary document, which can be an A4 sheet, or a document with the same dimensions as the envelope, such as an A5 postcard. Alternatively, the carrier can be printed inline, with a floor-standing office printer in place of the primary feeder. The card, as the primary document in this configuration, is fed and read and its data is sent to the customer’s print server to print the personalised carrier. The CardMailer can be supplied with both options.

In either configuration, the carrier can be folded before or after the card has been attached, to suit the application. The card is fed from a top-load, bottom-feed shuttle feeder, and attached to the carrier with hot-melt glue. More than one card can be attached to the carrier. When the carrier and card are attached, codes on both are read by cameras, and this data can be used for matching and/or recording for reporting. If they do not match, the item is diverted, ensuring data integrity.

A KAS Mailmaster envelope inserter can be placed inline to receive the carrier and attached card. Additional multiple enclosures can be added, from a single sheet of 80gsm, stapled sets, pre-folded items, reply envelopes, and booklets up to 7mm thick, fed from automatic feeders. The completed pack is then inserted into the envelope and sealed.

According to managing director Stephen Hampstead, the development of the CardMailer came about in response to a specific customer request that involved attaching a card too large for a third-party match and attach unit. Manufacturing began shortly before the Covid-19 lockdown came into effect in March 2020, and a second unit, with envelope weighing, was delivered in 2022. A third unit was sold in 2023 and Mr Hampstead reports that several further sales discussions are ongoing.