Duplo has introduced the DBM-700 booklet-maker which offers square spine binding of booklets containing up to 60 sheets at up to 2000 finished items per hour.

Described by Duplo as ‘the most automated and versatile booklet system yet’, the DBM-700 is designed to accommodate print input from multiple presses, in order to streamline workflows, reduce production time and manual touch points while maintaining ‘exceptional’ quality. The ability to produce square spine booklets for a perfect-bound ‘look and feel’ in addition to more conventional folded spines is said to expand creative possibilities without requiring additional equipment.

Thicker booklets of up to 60 sheets can be handled at a range of finished sizes, with the system able to produce up to 2000 bound copies per hour of an A5 booklet, for example, subject to suitable feeding equipment. The DBM-700 can be fitted with collator towers, digital feeders or a combination of both, to suit the press type and application.

Martyn Train, managing director of Duplo UK said, ‘The DBM-700 exemplifies Duplo’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the print industry. This system represents a significant leap forward, for offering our customers the means to achieve much more, and faster, expanding their capabilities, all whilst achieving exceptional results. This innovative system is a testament to Duplo’s dedication to providing solutions that cater to the ever changing requirements of our market.’