Surrey-based The Printroom Group has made a strategic investment worth over £250,000 in Canon cut-sheet toner presses, with the purchase of both a Canon ImagePress V1350 and ImagePress V700 to complement its existing print fleet, helping it achieve an automated production line and driving further business growth through bespoke services.

The company has been a Canon customer since the 1990s and more recently installed two ImagePress C10000VP presses. Canon has continued to be the supplier of choice due to speed, output quality and eco-friendly certifications, according to the Group.

Keith Cooper, managing director at The Printroom Group commented, ‘We’re already seeing major business benefits from these new devices, including reduced costs and more efficient productivity. The efficient turnaround we’re now seeing has freed up the devices to take on more, thus ensuring we’re maximising the immense potential of these devices. We’ve seen jobs that might have previously taken two and a half hours now turnaround in half an hour. Those sums alone prove we’ve made the right investment.

‘Our long-standing partnership with Canon is testament to the relationship we have with the team we work with. We visited the Birmingham Customer Experience Centre on a number of occasions during the process to experience the devices for ourselves. The team allowed us to run print jobs and really push the devices to their limits while we were there, giving us peace of mind that we knew what we were going to be getting once it arrived on site. We truly believe this investment demonstrates our commitment to both growth and innovation in the print industry, and most importantly ensures we’re providing our customers with the best solutions possible.’

The deal also includes the integration of finishing equipment  from Duplo and Plockmatic. The 135ppm ImagePress V1350 boosts productivity and efficiency levels, leading to a 30% increase in print speed, with staff reporting they can complete tasks five times quicker than before.

Duncan Smith, country director, production at Canon UK & Ireland added, ‘We’re delighted to continue working with The Printroom Group in their drive to grow and evolve their business. As a valued customer in the production print space, we understand their business needs and are thrilled to see they’re getting the most out of our latest technology with all important faster turnaround times for customers, whilst delivering the highest quality prints that have set the benchmark for the industry.’