Folio Print Finishing has expanded the range of services and applications it can offer, thanks to an investment in a Petratto Metro Folder Gluer from IFS, and hopes to win new business as a consequence.

The Bristol print finishing specialist chose the new machine to broaden its service offering for its current customer base and to develop new business opportunities.

Owner Andy Bird explained, ‘We saw a gap in the market [we] were not servicing at the time. We thought the Petratto’s capabilities would complement what we could already do. We were producing some high-capacity pockets and we wanted to better meet demand for this. We also wanted to add crash locking and the Petratto Metro enabled us to do that.’

The Petratto Metro Folder Gluer is designed to support end-customers who want to receive physical mail as well as digital communications. It manages a wide range of applications from presentation folders and envelopes to multimedia packaging, straight line boxes, cartons, and table tents. The system’s open and modular structure enables greater flexibility while its digital management system provides a responsive interface. Jobs and sheet movement are controlled from the console. 

Mr Bird added, ‘It is a fantastic piece of kit. We did look at other systems, but the Petratto gave us more flexibility. It is quick and easy to operate.’

Regarding return on investment he said, ‘It has increased our productivity three-fold. We have already halved the time we expect it to pay for itself to two and half years and it has the potential to be even faster than that.’