Watford-based large-format print and specialist fabrication company Stylographics recently used Print Floor from Soyang Europe to produce a retail window display for global fashion brand Marc Jacobs.

For this project, Stylographics was tasked with creating an eye-catching display that would help draw the attention of passers-by and tempt them into the store to view some of the latest products from Marc Jacobs. The design featured a bold black and white pattern that was to stretch around the entire window frame.

With this in mind, Stylographics opted to use Print Floor, a PVC flooring material from Soyang Europe. This material is suited for use in applications such as floor graphics and retail displays. Stylographics used its Durst P10 250HS UV inkjet printer to print the design onto the material.

Siobhan Storey, marketing manager at Stylographics, said, ‘Having used Print Floor from Soyang Europe for a number of years and on a whole range of projects, we knew straight away that this application would require the same solution. What stands out for us and what we like most about Print Floor is that it is a very hard-wearing and reliable product; we rely on it time and time again for all sorts of applications.’