Emmerson Press, a commercial printer based in Kenilworth and long-time Fujifilm customer, has become the first UK-based printer to invest in Fujifilm’s ApeosPro C810 toner press.

The deal was formally agreed at an event in London’s docklands in May 2023, held to celebrate the UK launch of Fujifilm’s toner technologies after the much-publicised split from Xerox and ending of the Fuji-Xerox joint venture.

Jamie Emmerson, director of Emmerson Press, which was an early investor in the JetPress B2 inkjet from Fujifilm, commented, ‘We had an existing toner machine that had reached its end of life and we were looking for a new solution. After looking at the market, the ApeosPro C seemed like an ideal choice. We’d been researching it for some time but had to wait patiently until the official UK launch in April to speak to our Fujifilm representative. Following this conversation, we soon signed the deal. Despite it being newly launched in the UK, we did our homework and, being a long-term Fujifilm partner, we were confident that the technology had been tried and tested.

‘We’ll use it to produce a wide range of additional applications – particularly any ultra-short run work that needs to be turned around instantly. And we’ll also use it as an office printer, which further helps with costs and efficiency.’

Martin Fairweather, business development manager at Fujifilm UK, stated, ‘We’re delighted to be further expanding our partnership with Emmerson Press. Their trust in us as a long-term partner is demonstrated by them becoming the first in the UK to invest in Fujifilm technology once again.’