Manufacturer of large format printers swissQprint has celebrated the installation of its 100th machine in the UK, with the sale of an Impala flatbed printer to Redhill, Surrey-based Stocksigns.

Stocksigns, a specialist supplier of health and safety signage, is also long-standing swissQprint customer, having used a first-generation Impala since 2010, when it was the fifteenth swissQprint machine to be placed in the UK, and it helped the business transition from silkscreen to digital printing.

Recently, the company wanted to replace the Impala with a newer machine. While research to find a replacement machine was wide-reaching, the company’s prior knowledge of swissQprint technology played a crucial role in the decision. The business still undertook a full market review, which included seeking testimonials from current users, a lifetime ROI analysis, hands-on competitor comparisons and a full demonstration across a variety of substrates and materials to ensure the Impala was once again the right choice.

Low environmental impact was also a key factor in Stocksigns’ decision. With a reduction in energy consumption to 2.2kW, the fourth-generation Impala reduces the company’s carbon footprint. With the printer’s installation, the firm anticipates that production times will halve, effectively doubling capacity in the manufacture of its health and safety, statutory and construction site signage.

David Cload, group production manager at Stocksigns, said, ‘Having used our Impala for many years, we’re delighted to be the proud owners of swissQprint’s 100th machine in the UK. We are confident that it will continue to deliver high-impact signage while significantly reducing our environmental impact.’

Erskine Stewart, managing director at swissQprint, commented, ‘We’re thrilled to have achieved this milestone with Stocksigns. Their purchase of our 100th machine in the UK reaffirms our position as a provider of reliable, cutting-edge printing technology, and is a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to excellence.’