Building on the existing Helix line of direct-to-object printers, Inkcups has launched the Helix One, a desktop cylindrical printer that offers the company’s technology in a compact industrial design.

The Helix One is a dedicated cylinder printer, printing CMYK plus white and varnish onto straight-walled and tapered cylinders, including plastic bottles, stainless tumblers and candle holders. The machine features motor-driven operation with a fully automatic programmable tooling and height adjustment via a linear drive, plus an 8W segmented software-controlled UV curing unit. The unit includes an automatic wiping and capping station, white and black sub-tank recirculating system, and the ability to add in jettable primer for ‘difficult’ materials.

Benjamin Adner, Inkcups’ CEO commented, ‘The Helix One […] is the result of listening to our customers and trying to develop a more modular machine that could be run independently as an entry-level printer, in a kiosk or in dedicated work cells for industrial users. I envision a Helix One in every shop, next to their laser engraver, screen printer, embroiderer and small format digital flatbed printer. We are bringing a significant number of features, incredible print quality, and excellent speed into this new, compact piece of machinery. We are proud to introduce the world’s first benchtop direct-to-object cylinder printer and we hope it will be a major success.’