Muller Martini has introduced Connex Info Cloud, a modular software tool for comprehensive production reporting and analysis into which both the company’s own and third-party systems can be integrated.

The new software runs as a module within Muller’s Mpower portal which is  provided free of charge with every new machine and allows production to be analysed in a targeted manner, optimisation potential for production to be identified and planning reliability to be increased. Promoted as an important element of Muller’s Smart Services, via access to production data stored in the cloud via Internet access from PC, tablet or smartphone, Connex Info Cloud is said to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The three modules are the dashboard, analytics and reporting. The first enables real-time evaluation of production data including machine status, production speed, job quantity and scrap quantity. A wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) – such as average cycle rate, production performance and machine availability percentage – are displayed on ’tiles’ that can be freely configured, customised and arranged. The dashboard is customisable to each user.

The analytics module offers targeted evaluation of the data according to individually configurable filters and makes it possible to analyse the data in detail over a defined period and to identify optimisation opportunities. Any time span can be selected and machine, job or shift selections can be refined. Reporting provides accurate data on production with bar and pie charts. Reports on lines, time and jobs can be generated and filters can be used to create the desired reports.

Muller Martini customers may choose any selection of the modules.