Fujifilm has introduced a new set of LED UV-cured thermoforming inks, designed for use with its Acuity Prime flatbed printers.

The Uvijet HZ inks, which the company says are quickly cured with conventional LED UV lamps, are suitable for decorating a range of materials commonly used in thermoforming applications. Fujifilm claims ‘superb’ dot reproduction, light-fast colours with ‘outstanding’ adhesion and elongation, and high quality for applications involving deep-draw thermoforming, line bending and dome blowing. Other benefits of the inks are said to include high quality finishing, bending, creasing, routing and guillotining.

The inks are suitable for internal and external applications, and work between 150-200*C. They are also free from volatile solvents and hydrocarbons, meaning that they have less impact on the environment than solvent-based products.

Matthew Whiting, product manager at Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, commented, ‘With our extensive knowledge of the sector, as well as the award-winning manufacturing facilities at our Broadstairs site, Fujifilm proudly creates inks to maximise the capability of its printers, such as the Acuity Prime.

‘When thermoforming, you don’t want the ink to crack, become brittle or flake. Our Uvijet HZ inks are very flexible and maintain their high quality throughout the thermoforming process, resulting in an excellent finish.’