The British Standards Institution (BSI) is to host the first in-person ISO Technical Committee 130 (TC 130) Graphic Technology meetings since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TC 130 is the main committee working on tools for the printing industry. This group is responsible for many key standards used on a daily basis by printers and their customers to improve process efficiency and control costs. ISO documents range from tools to ensure correct PDF configurations to process control.

As mentioned in its scope, ‘TC 130 addresses standardisation in the field of printing and graphic technologies. This field covers all phases of the process, where graphic elements (image, text, line art, pattern and others) are created, manipulated, assembled, communicated, and finally  delivered electronically as digital products or physically to substrates using inks, toners and other marking or functional materials, and finished as demanded by the end applications.’

With standards development a two-way, consensual process involving consideration, discussion and resolutions to ensure that global best practise is reflected in the finished standard, ISO noted, ‘the need to get back together is stronger now than it has ever been.’

For the first time, BSI is to host the five-day series of ISO TC 130 Graphic Technology meetings. As well as being the first in-person meetings in three years, it is the first time in eight years overall that they have been held in the UK.