Roland DG has partnered with two female skateboarders to help drive female skate culture and to create personalised skateboards using its TrueVis VG3-640 inkjet printer.

Professional skateboarder Louisa Menke and editor of female and LGBTQ+ skate platform Dolores Magazine Raisa Abal, each created bespoke deck designs to symbolise what skateboarding means to them, alongside documenting their journeys to becoming female skaters as part of a video series.

Taking their personalised artwork including hand painted acrylic canvases and graphic collage art, the print company created the bespoke, one-of-a-kind skateboards that celebrate their creative expression and individuality. The TrueVIS VG3-640 is aimed at sign, graphics and personalisation markets and can be used for a wide range of applications from signage and banners to vehicle graphics, stickers, and labels.

Stephen Davis, EMEA marketing director at Roland DG, said, ‘Skateboarding goes far beyond sport; it has its own culture and community that celebrates creativity, expression and individuality. The TrueVIS VG3-640 is the third generation of the TrueVIS, built upon tried and tested technology, but advanced to enhance print precision.’

Raisa Abal, editor of female and LGBTQ+ skate platform Dolores Magazine said, ‘Working on this campaign has given me the opportunity to chase one of the dreams that every skateboarder in the world has – to design their own board graphic. I wanted to create a design that combined all of the things that matter most to me in my life: family, nature, sisterhood, activism, passion, photography, DIY works, my past, my present, and of course, skateboarding.’

Professional skateboarder Louisa Menke added, ‘When Roland DG asked me to be part of this campaign, I started thinking about what skateboarding means to me and suddenly an ear appeared in my mind. It’s not easy to really listen – for example to how I truly feel, what I really want, what I’m afraid of and why. There’s lots of noise, distractions and many layers but if I keep listening, I’ll keep hearing new things. This was my creative inspiration for my board design with Roland DG. When I’m skateboarding, I’m listening. And when I truly listen, magic happens.’