Scodix has introduced Smart High Definition (SHD) capability to its Ultra 6000, engineered to deliver embellishment and economic benefits for the packaging and graphics market.

The new Ultra 6000 powered by SHD is directly targeted at the packaging sector and high-definition printers. Whilst the Ultra 6000 digital print enhancement press is existing technology adopted by the market, SHD is new algorithm-controlled digital printing that is claimed to achieve ‘high accuracy and quality precision’ of complicated detailing for foiling and spot embellishments. 

For example, Scodix Foil is enhanced by SHD with precision and accuracy to achieve fine delicate details in designs and in micro fonts, offering customers increased flexibility and greater choice as to how they create impact for their brand personas, as noted by Scodix.

Eli Grinberg, CEO and co-founder at Scodix, commented, ‘Scodix is now fully positioned and prepared for taking on all the verticals for print, including packaging. We offer a range of 10 different embellishing applications compatible with a wide range of paper stocks up to B1 format. SHD owners will have the production have the production economies, flexibility and quality to go beyond all existing processes.

‘With a growing awareness of our impact on the planet, Scodix production offers benefits for sustainability benchmarking and eliminates the need to make dyes which can be etched with use of acids, wasted in litres of water – all impacting our natural resources. We take our role in this industry very seriously, so it is essential that we offer our customers all the benefits of increased production while not forgetting about our commitment to the environment.’