Wide-format Rip and workflow developer Onyx has released version 22 of its eponymous software, bringing a range of ‘everyday automation’ features to improve productivity.

Reflecting the trend towards owner-operators in parts of the industry that have shed staff during the pandemic period, Onyx 22 aims to simplify production processes for standard work by implementing a drag-and-drop interface to allow job files to be dropped into a Quick Set window where settings and job parameters can be set automatically.

This is complemented by Smart Job Submission, in which key job attributes can be embedded in the artwork file name, again automating processing and set-up for less skilled operators. There’s a defined file naming syntax for this and parameters that can be set this way include the job, customer, size and number of copies, and the values are reflected on the main Onyx interface screen in confirmation as jobs are added and processed. ‘The aim is to reduce errors,’ Jonathan Rogers, international marketing manager at Onyx, told Digital Printer.

Preparing work for flatbed output or DtG printers is also supported via auto-placing of artwork elements to match jigs, and repeated elements in artwork can be split to enable shape-based nesting for optimised use of media. Colour matching of spot and brand colours is aided by the addition of a Color Reference Library, the ability to generate and print swatch sheets with calculated delta-E values based on current profiles and media and print settings; these can then be measured by spectrophotometer for iterative refinement, if required. Specific colour settings for textile printing applications, including illuminant and observer conditions are now supported too. There are also improvements to G7 colour standards implementation and the ability to recalibrate any supported printer to a ‘snapshot’ condition.

Onyx has also introduced Go Sub, a pre-paid licensing option for the dealer channel, which enables them to bundle the Rip software with printers they sell so that it can be rolled in to the monthly cost. Perpetual and monthly licensing options are still available.