The output delivery options for Müller Martini’s InfiniTrim book-trimming robot have been expanded to allow a variety of options for handling soft- and hardcover publications and dealing with ‘No Read’ barcode rejects.

Launched at drupa 2016, the trimming system, which operates at up to 2000 cycles per hour, particularly suits the short-run segment and digitally-printed ‘book of one’ products, especially when used in combination with the company’s Vareo Pro perfect binder. The new delivery options have been added in response to customer requests.

In addition to the standard delivery, there are options for using the three possible output directions in various ways, with trimmed blocks for softcover binding going one way, hardcovers another and un-trimmed rejected ‘No Read’ units (in which the barcode is not recognised for whatever reason) going the third or being routed into a space-saving collection box. Another option is a side-mounted roller table for manual sorting. Output to a stacker is also now possible.

Müller’s UK sales manager David McGinlay told Digital Printer, ‘We also have a system for hardcover books, where we apply endpapers covering the barcode or actually trim the original barcode off. We call this Scan and Print: we scan the barcode and re-create an identical barcode on the outside of the endpaper. This is critical for the casing-in stage, where we use this barcode to match the text with the case.’