Germany-based Onlineprinters has integrated Shutterstock content into its online design and print ordering systems to support smaller print shops and other customers who do not have in-house graphic design capabilities.

Users of Onlineprinters’ design tools will have access to some 20 million images from the Shutterstock collection when creating print items such as business cards and flyers using provided templates. Industry-specific and topic-based image selections are available, supported by an advanced search function that operates across the entire Shutterstock collection.

‘Searching professional stock photos for their graphic design projects is part of the daily routine of design professionals. However, this can be challenging for smaller businesses, such as craftsmen, retail shop owners, hairdressers and other self-employed people, who often resort to free image databases. But the graphics there are often of inferior quality and the selection is limited, involving more effort and leading to rather mediocre results,’ explained Onlineprinters CCO Fabian Stich.

Onlineprinters had been offering Shutterstock integration to customers via an API since earlier this month. ‘We are pleased to be able to provide our customers further added value thanks to this partnership because it allows them to design more professional print items and order them through our online shop,’ added Mr Stich.