Precision, a Suffolk-based company specialising in marketing and e-commerce, has invested in an intelligent envelope inserter from KAS Paper Systems. 

Founded a quarter of a century ago, Precision employs 70 people and boasts a turnover of more than £10 million. It serves more than 300 customers across the educational, healthcare, financial and utilities sectors and produces digital work on a Ricoh Pro C7200X 5, a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C7199 and a Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6136P.

The KAS Ascent model ordered by Precision is able to enclose up to 7000 envelopes an hour, with sizes ranging from C4 down to DL. It is fitted with an intelligent prime document feeder/collator/folder with 2D camera for multiple and variable page letters and also benefits from semi-automated changeover.

Precision’s chief operating officer Nick Pryke commented, ‘Boosted by Royal Mail research into the effectiveness and response rates of printed mailings, our aim was to create engagement with mail, mirroring the digital experience and bridging the gap between the physical and digital. With the letterbox creating more impact than the inbox, we wanted to put ourselves at the heart of this ‘tactile through tech-style’ approach.

‘We already had the mailing firepower to deliver 20,000 QR or 2D code-embedded and personalised letters per hour. But we needed the ability to insert these high-tech mailings; match enclosures by QR code, include different contents for different people, contents that were pertinent to their recent web browsing experience. In short, the physical customer experience needed to match the seamless digital experience.

‘The machinery that fitted our complex needs was hard to find, but when KAS Paper Systems approached us last year with their latest intelligent inserter, the timing was ideal. We have dealt with KAS for over 20 years and amongst our fleet of mailing equipment, we still have a 20-year-old KAS Mailmaster 465HS which has inserted around 33 million envelopes!’