Carlson Print Group (CPG) has invested in a new Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press, ‘broadening its offering of high-end, tailored enhancement for new and existing clients.’

CPG is an American company that specialises in custom and speciality print and the 104cm wide (41in) digital enhancement press will assist it in these activities as well as also helping the business grow its market share of the packaging sector.

‘We’ve developed a well-earned reputation in the industry for designing and producing some of the coolest and most inventive work for our nationwide clientele, many of whom appear in the Fortune 100 to 500 lists,’ said president and CEO Darren Carlson. ‘They represent a variety of businesses, who want to stand out and are willing to invest in award-winning attention-grabbing projects.

‘The new Scodix Ultra 6000 press with its sheet size and diverse enhancement capabilities provides our clients with bold, unique products as we continue to expand our specialty print and packaging business. In addition, this press provides us the ability to transition to a complete Scodix finishing workflow solution immediately impacting our business productivity.’

The Scodix Ultra 6000, set to be installed at CPG’s Minnesota premises immediately, will allow for more highly-detailed, short-run and data-variable personalised projects with tactile applications such as embossing, foil, metallic effects and glitter.

Earl Guinter, CPG’s sales manager, added, ‘Having the Scodix Ultra 6000 press is revolutionary because it allows us to use a common, large-format sheet size across all our presses. This saves our customers time and money, while increasing the enhancement design possibilities dramatically.’