Precision Proco has called on travel companies to embrace print on demand as a way of providing a personalised service and boosting future prospects.

With restrictions on travel easing across the world, experts are predicting that the industry will see a huge resurgence. Precision Proco, part of the Precision Proco Group, says it has seen an increased amount of interest in companies wanting to give clients a more bespoke experience, with the added advantage of saving themselves huge amounts of money in producing and handling encyclopedia-sized brochures.

‘The days when companies would print 100,000 huge brochures with every destination featured are really long gone,’ said business development manager Sam Benbow. ‘Successful travel agents will be those which create a bespoke experience, offering a leaner brochure with only destinations which are relevant to the client included.

‘It means that travel companies will not only save money but will also be offering a far more tailored experience to their clients, along with increasing their potential for data capture which hopefully they can convert into customers.’

The opportunity for the industry is clear, with a recent survey carried out by international management company, Oliver Wyman, finding that 63 per cent of people said they would travel the same or more for leisure post-pandemic. At the same time research suggests that many travellers will no longer be putting off their ‘bucket list’ trips and that there will be a huge surge in eco-tourism and specialist tours in the years ahead.

‘Being able to produce brochures on demand which are absolutely in line with what customers are looking for is without a doubt the way forward,’ added Mr Benbow. ‘We are already working with major premier operators who have recognised this and how they can use this ability to create a bespoke experience for their clients.

‘The travel industry is going to need to use every weapon in its armoury to try and make up for the devastation of the last two years. And we feel that print on demand will have a huge part to play in that.’