As part of its ‘showtime’ online customer event, Heidelberg has announced a quality assurance system for its Versafire EP production toner press and gold and silver toners for the five-colour Versafire EV model.

Called Auto Color Diagnosis (ACD), the new inline quality assurance system for the 135ppm Versafire EP controls toner feed to correct for colour and density variations during printing by comparing each sheet to a reference file via a scanner that is incorporated into the fuser station of the press. It also detects blemishes such as streaks and marks and will stop production automatically if one is detected. It can then provide the operator with an image of the defective page, allowing the sheet to be removed manually from the pile so that only pages that meet pre-defined quality standards advance into finishing.

Heidelberg will also be offering the gold and silver toners recently announced by Ricoh for its Pro C7200, on which the Versafire EV is based. The new toners can be used on their own solid or as tints, or combined with process colours to yield pearlescent / metallic colour options. The new colours may be printed on white, transparent or coloured substrates and may be used in existing Versafire EV models. Heidelberg’s extra colour range for the EV model also includes white, transparent, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible (UV-activated) red, the latter for security applications.

Suggested applications for the new colours include personalised or versioned mailings, brochures, PoS and packaging; the Versafire EV can handle materials up to 470gsm, allowing small carton production.