Aslan, the German self-adhesive film specialist, has expanded its range of environmentally-friendly and PVC-free signage products, introducing a new digital printing film alongside a protective laminate made from recycled polyester.

LoopPet Aslan DRL 19 is a white film, made using 30% recycled polyester, for wide-format digital printing. It can handle both latex and UV curable inks and Aslan says that its Dryapply adhesive technology makes it easy to apply the film without bubbles and provides it with excellent removability.

Meanwhile the LoopLam Aslan SRL 19 laminate is being marketed as ‘the perfect match to protect the print.’ Its recycled polyester content is 70% and, even though the product is designed as a protective laminate, it is also possible to print onto it with UV curable and latex inks. Both self-adhesive films are equipped with Aslan’s water-based adhesives contain no solvents, PVC or VOCs.

The company’s research and development manager, Dr. Petra Tschöpe, said that the new products reflect the global desire for signage to be more environmentally friendly. ‘We used raw materials which contain recycled components as a base for the new films,’ she explained.

The films, which are 1.9mil thick and suitable for internal or external use, can be applied to smooth, flat surfaces.