CMYUK is partnering with recycling specialist Howe to Recycle as part of a drive to ensure that PVC-free Kavalan does not end-up in landfill.

Howe to Recycle, which specialises in processing niche waste streams, has been working with CMYUK for the past year to establish credible recycling routes for Kavalan, as well as a closed loop operation for the traceable collection and disposal of used Kavalan products for its customers.

The ultimate goal is to separate the unique water-based Kavalan coating from the base polyester substrate so that the latter can be fully recycled for secondary use. This will require the development of a processing plant at Howe to Recycle, funded in part by a Government sustainability grant. 

‘Gary Howe, founder of How to Recycle, is recognised as a recycling guru in the wide-format digital printing industry,’ said CMYUK group sales and marketing director, Robin East. ‘We encourage all our Kavalan customers, some of whom may be working with Gary already, to contact him to establish this Kavalan closed-loop solution by a trusted, specialist and credible company. In addition, Howe to Recycle can provide recycling advice on all other production waste streams FOC.

‘Many of the big waste recycling companies claim to offer this service but in reality, unless the volumes are very significant, they cannot guarantee where the waste stream will end up.’

Kavalan is PVC and phthalate plasticiser–free, and has stringent eco accreditation including LCA, RoHS and REACH compliance. Unlike traditional PVC, it can be incinerated safely, entirely free of releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.